Friday, March 04, 2005

DING DING DING DING! Ladies and Gentleman, We Have a Wiener

If you answered "All of the above" in the poll, you were right. Happily Nick fulfilled the prophecy in the very first paragraph:

David Day was given his hero's farewell Thursday, the last of three Minnesota soldiers who died in Iraq to be remembered in small-town rituals that included prayers, tears, rifle volleys, helicopter flyovers and unanswered questions about a faraway war that brought three promising young men home for good.

He goes on to quote some funeral attendees who all basically said the same thing: most people have doubts about this war, but we keep it to ourselves (because of those eeeeeeeeeevil jackbooted dissent-stifling Republicans).

Nick supplemented this trope on his show this morning, stating that he talked to a guy that told him: "95% of the people here have doubts about this war, but we keep it to ourselves."


If everybody keeps it to themselves, how does this person "know" that 95% of the people have doubts?

And how is it even possible that 95% of the population of deep-red rural Minnesota have "doubts"?

I am willing to bet several useful parts of my anatomy that less than 95% of the population of moonbat-heavy Uptown, Minneapolis has "doubts" about the war.

There are very few "doubts" about it in Iraq. And I'm sure-as-shit there are even fewer in Lebanon these days.

It reminds me of that blueblood lefty, who when searching for answers as to why Nixon beat McGovern by taking almost every state and a substantial portion of Venus, famously declared: "How did Nixon win? I don't know anyone that voted for him!"

No, Nick just found a guy that was willing to say what Nick wanted to hear; or just as likely, made up the quote.

UPDATE: Mitch, one of my favorite NA bloggers who proclaims the KAR as one of his favorite MOB blogs, takes a shot at Coleman today. Seems that Bachmann may be in the market for a libel/slander attorney...

UPDATE 2: Bogus Doug whittles the Coleman thing to its essence: either a) Your Humble Pollster is incredibly prescient; or 2) Your Not-So-Humble Super Christian Columnist is incredibly predictable.

And where are you little-blog fiskers? I possess no traffic that Mitch and Doug don't already have.

One other thing: In today's column, Coleman notes the presence of some leftover "Peace and Joy" Christmas banners hanging from lampposts in Morris, which he uses for an eye-rolling rhetorical flourish. Can anybody who has been to Morris recently confirm this rather convenient observation?

UPDATE 3: Glorious Holy Warrior Swiftee has delivered the first full fisking of this young Fiskwah. Anyone who listened this morning would have heard Swiftee's courageous call in to the show. Nick had no clue that he was talking to his putative Wingnut of the Week. Priceless.

UPDATE 4: Noodles has earned himself at least one virgin in Paradise.

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