Thursday, March 03, 2005

Enough is Enough: How Much Do You Want?

I’m sick (all together now) and tired of the whiney, pissy, bitchy, crap being spewed from the Left in this state about needing more money for K-12 education. For years these jerks have gotten everything they want. But now that voters are asking for some accounting of those funds and how they are spent the Left rising up with indignation like a parent slapping down a child for questioning their authority, a typical liberal response.

How dare Nick-boy Coleman, his Little Lady and the likes of Judy Schaubach question our right to question them. The last I saw public schools were funded by tax dollars – of which many belong to me – and those who spend such funds are accountable to those who provide them.

To those who would keep us in the dark, I have an offer. Schaubach is always talking about needing “full funding” for education. She says it so often, in fact, it’s become a mantra, “full funding, full funding, full funding.”

OK, Judy, Nick, Little Lady, you tell me how much money is full funding, either total or per pupil is fine, and I’ll back you in your fight. Just give me a figure.

We’re currently around $12 billion for the biennium so I’m guessing you need another $5 billion. Is $17 billion enough for you to indoctrinate our children? Is that enough to keep all the superintendents in luxury cars? Is it enough for the grief counselors and curriculum counselors? Is it enough to continue funding the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual support groups? More, you want more? How much?

Do what you’ve never done before – what no Leftie has ever done – and tell me how much enough is.

If you can’t answer that question, and I suspect you can not, I suggest you shut you Socialist pie holes and go back to writing your crap-heavy columns or, in the case of Schaubach, scurry back to your office, lock the door, and reread the biography of Jimmy Hoffa.

LEARNEDFOOT ADDS: Deep breath, Dementee. Calm Blue Ocean... Try writing a haiku.

Or, if your muse is incapacitated, read Joe Soucheray's column from yesterday's PiPress. He pretty much nails it. Compare and contrast Souch's style of actually using facts with Nick's vacant string of ad hominems and insults.

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