Thursday, March 24, 2005

Entrepreneurs Not Wanted

I love the Left. There is never a lack of material to blog about.

Harvard has been in the news quite a bit as of late, but this story has not received the level of exposure it deserves.

Like I said, I love the Left, but, I hate Leftist ideology. It is emotion-filled, thought-free twaddle and the above-linked editorial proves my point.

There are no pragmatic reasons for boycotting Mr. Kopko’s business. He’s not accused of using slave labor or harming the environment. He’s simply an entrepreneur who came up with one heck of a business idea.

That the Lefties at the Crimson (isn’t that a shade of red?) want to deny him his right to ply his trade is a glaring example of their inability to grasp a simple fact of life:


Their desire to create a “level playing field” is downright silly. There is no such thing and they admit as much in the editorial.

If they truly desire a level playing field why don’t they call on all students to eschew the exclusive student clubs and the Harvard Student Agency Cleaners? Ban snobby east coast accents, push for all students to take speech and diction lessons so everyone sounds like Middle America?

I call for a dress code that mandates all clothing worn by students and staff come from Sears and Kmart. I also call on the Mummies and Daddys of the “haves” to give no more money to their privileged ones than the “have-nots” get from their parents.

If these fools were attempting to achieve something that was achievable, I might go along with them. But what they are proposing is patently absurd and their pompous tone is reeks of regurgitate monkey spleen.

They write of “unneeded distinctions between rich and poor” being the “last things that Harvard needs to foster.” Those distinctions are all around you, on campus and off, and keeping Mr. Kopko from succeeding in business ain’t going to change a damn thing.

If you self-important jackasses would think this through, I know thinking is difficult because it requires a detachment from emotion, you might realize that, if successful, Mr. Kopko might hire some of those “have-nots” and provide them with an income. That’s no good, of course, because then your weeping and gnashing of teeth wouldn’t be necessary.

No, you’d rather have students share in the egalitarian ritual of cleaning the dorm room and, when they were done, the Haves would go off to the pub for a beer while the have-nots would go off to the drinking fountain in the hall.

I guess egalitarianism only goes so far.

I got news for The Crimson Staff, some of the “have-nots” they are working so hard to protect will one day be able to buy and sell the bozos who make up the Staff.

I hope Michael E. Kopko ’07 is one of them.

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