Thursday, March 10, 2005

Filler Material

Nick Coleman, the man who planted a mole at the CAE's Bon Voyage party for Dan Rather last night; the guy who has dedicated approximately 75% of his show's air time since its inception to bashing Power Line, had this to say this morning about the PL bloggers in regards to their continuing criticism of the MSM and their triumphant calling out of Dan Rather:

"They're obsessed."

No kidding.


A Georgia Court of Appeals case captioned Terry Bollea v. World Championship Wrestling Inc. came sliding accross my desk this morning.

Who's Terry Bollea? You may know him better as Hulk Hogan.

Apparently the Hulkster got riled when the powers that be changed his story line without consulting him (which is odd since we all know that pro wrestling isn't scripted). In law school I had to read approximately 56,951 cases, and I rarely came accross one as entertaining as this one. An excerpt:

Bollea acknowledged at his deposition that the Hogan and Russo characters were supposed to hate each other. In discussing the script for the Hogan-Jarrett match, it was decided that instead of Jarrett and Hogan actually wrestling, Jarrett would lie down in the ring so that Hogan would win by default. According to Bollea, this was to set up a tournament which would lead to the return of Hogan as the WCW champion.

After Hogan won the Jarrett match by default, Hogan left the arena with the championship belt, pretending to be mad because Jarrett would not wrestle him. Then Russo came on the air and delivered a speech known as a "promo," which Bollea claims was not part of the story line. In this speech, Russo called Hulk Hogan a "god damn politician" "who doesn't give a shit about this company." Russo said that Hogan always "wants to play his creative control card," and Hogan knew that his beating Jarrett was "bullshit." Russo promised that they would "never see that piece of shit again." He said that Jarrett would defend his title against Booker T. who had been "busting his ass" for 14 years in the WCW and couldn't "get a god damn break because of the Hulk Hogans." Russo closed with "[a]nd Hogan you big bald son of a bitch ... KISS MY ASS!"

After this "promo," Jarrett and Booker T. wrestled for the world championship. Booker T. won the match and was awarded another championship belt.

So to all you little Hulksters out there: say your prayers and eat your vitamins. Otherwise the Hulkster might sue you.


Something big is coming. Stay tuned...


I am afraid I will have to miss the innaugural Fraters Libertas Trivia. Instead, Mrs. Foot and I will be attending a Baptism preparation class, to ready ourselves for LittleFoot #2's acceptance into the One True Church. So while you all are killing your brains with malted beverages and demonstrating your encyclopedic knowledge of useless information, think of those of us who are cultivating the future of Christianity, and indeed, the human race.

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