Thursday, March 03, 2005

Fiskwah Day One

Several Items:

1) Re: the spelling thing. King Bannanaman informs us that the proper spelling is "Fiskwa". I am inclined to believe him. However, it appears that the "h" spelling is acceptable. Since Bill has already done the new header, we'll go with that spelling.

In a semi related note, King singles us out as having some enthusiasm for Some National Talk Show Host's "Swarm the Strib" idea. Not the case. We're after Nick's radio "persona". Also it is KAR policy to not mention the name of, or otherwise pay alms to, National Radio Talk Show Host until he gives us some love. We stopped holding our breath when he named this steaming pile of crap "Blog of the Month".

Finally, as to King: I was having a little fun with his name. Of course, we all know the correct spelling is "Banaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaian".

2) Mitch sends some love our way, and proposes some other ways to have fun with the Nick Coleman Hour of Sour. One would be a drinking game. (Take a shot every time he says "wingnut" "wanker" or "monkey". Two shots every time he styles himself as a first-generation Irishman just off the boat.) This might not be the best idea as it's bad form to be puking drunk at 7:05 in the morning.

His other idea might have the makings of a great minor MOB event: an MST3000 treatment of one of Coleman's shows. Mitch, I have some further ideas on this. E-mail me.

3) Speaking of Mitch, he would have cringed had he heard the show this morning. The Nick Coleman Radio Craptacular made its first attempt at a pre-recorded bit (and they kept aborting the playing of it because they obviously don't know how to budget their air time. I believe Mitch calls it "show prep".) Anyway, they should have just aborted the whole thing. The bit consisted of nothing more than Dimwitted Sidekick reading hate mail to Nick in a British accent. Bloody awful.

4) It turns out that the actual recipient of the Wingnut of the Week award was not Swiftee, but all MOBsters (as he mentioned again today). However, the actual awarding of the WOTWA went down substantially as I described it here, with Nick actually saying that Swiftee got it. This just provides all the more reason for the Fiskwah. To hear Nick talk about us, you'd think we were the Rand Corporation or something. Let's let him keep thinking that.

We should all be proud of ourselves. We're on Nick's radar screen. Now let's become Nick's radar screen. He won't be able to help himself.

5) Bill and I are working up a KAR Hall of Fame. Any MOBster or NARNie who gets Nick's WOTW Award is automatically inducted. So far Mitch and Swiftee (with an asterisk that will link to the Fraters' MOBroll) are in. Congrats guys. Look for the KAR HOF just below the NAAPALM roll on the sidebar.

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