Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Fiskwah Update

1.) Actually, first I'd like to give a progress report on the latest poll. Those who answered that Nick would shamelessly exploit the "Education Rally" have bragging rights today:

Several thousand voters converged on the Capitol on Monday to demand that the governor and Legislature return to basics and provide adequate funding for education. It even seemed that the governor might be starting to grasp that Minnesota has been hurt by repeated political slams against the schools, and that he will never get the big chair on Air Force One at this rate.

It's not the gratuitous over-the-top exploitation that I expected, but it counts. Don't get too cocky though, I have a feeling that by the end of day Friday, "all of the above" will be the correct answer.

2.) Bill and I decided that the proper spelling is "Fiskwah" and not "Fiskwa". The first blogger that I saw use this term was King Banyan -er, Banian - er, Bannanaman - that guy at SCSU Scholars. Unless he says differently we'll go with that spelling.

3.) Atomizer gets a nomination for KAR's Comment of the Year Award for his comment on the initial Fiskwah post below. The Money quote:

...I had to pull my own eardrums out with a red hot tweezers after suffering through a few seconds of Eva Young's stumbling gibberish...

Allusions to self-mutilation will always get you props at the KAR.

4.) If you do a fisking of the Nick Coleman Show (not his column; anyone can do that) drop me a line and I'll link you (if I don't notice it first). This would be especially helpful for new bloggers looking for a little traffic. We'd be more than happy to direct our huge 110-unique-hits-and-plateauing readership with ya'.

We'll also, for this thing only, relax the "you must link to me" trackback protocol.

5.) Bill will make a new FISKWAH! header tonite. It's going to be sweet.

We have already begun the burning of the Citadel of Gravitas. Now it is time to topple the Parapet of Absurdity.

UPDATE: Bogus Doug asks: "What if I don't live in the parking lot of Air America Minnesota and hence cannot pick up the signal?"

They have a vastly improved webstream here. Also, if you're in your car, sometimes you can pick up a few seconds of the show if you are at the top of a hill. Usually that will provide all the material you need. Remember, I'm not asking anybody to listen to the whole show. That would be cruel. Just get what you need and get out.

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