Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Good news for U.S. and world means bad news for moonbats

Only the most disconnected person could look upon the events transpiring in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world and find the negativity where there is none. This long troubled area is undergoing a sea change; a transformation that almost certainly would not have begun without the military intervention of the United States via the Iraq invasion and subsequent overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

Make no mistake about it: While the stated purpose of the invasion was to secure Iraqi WMD's and to thwart further development, the real goal of the war was to catalyze the process now underway. The real goal was to plant democracy in the Middle East, and to let the regimes in Syria and Iraq know that their days are numbered.

That this goal seems on the verge of being realized so suddenly is just killing those who oppose this president. There are some who actually seem to root for stumbles and setbacks to the efforts, or a thwarting of them altogether, just so he does not get the credit. Take for example the sentiments expressed by two writers to our beloved Star & Sickle yesterday:

Strange bedfellows

"Now that Hezbollah appears to be more popular in Lebanon than the U.S.-supported anti-Syrian parties, is the Bush administration still calling for democracy there?"

George Moore, Minneapolis

Couple things about George (Michael) Moore's letter: Firstly, he is obviously refering to the bogus demonstration drummed-up by Hezbollah to take the edge off the demonstrations of the Lebanese people, who then showed up almost a million strong to counter the staged Syrian-backed gathering. Secondly, can't you just hear the pleasure in his writing at the prospect that the terrorist Hezzbolah party might actually prevail? Thirdly, YES!!! The president would still call for democracy there, you twit! You just started with a false premise so that you could write your invalid 'gotcha' piece. Happy man, aren't you George? Next!

Still too early

"Regarding democracy in the Middle East: Don't count those chickens before they're hatched."

Jack McHugh, Edina, MN

Actually, I agree with Mr. McHugh's pragmatic attitude. I just would'nt bother to write to a newspaper to express it, knowing full well it would lift the spirits of those who want the region to melt-down in tyranny again so as to stymie the president's efforts.

Is it any wonder most of these people are the same one's calling for cradle-to-grave welfare? With the pessimism so prevalent in the breed, there is no way they could forge their own trail and become self-sufficient. Big fat babies!

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