Monday, March 28, 2005

Inviting an Instalanche, Settling for a Fraterquake

Chad at Fraters chastises me for mocking the latest fad in the blogosphere: razorblogging. Personally I don't remember ever mocking the practice of razorblogging, though I do remember one time when I cracked a joke that vibrating razors could be considered dual-use technology (think about it....thiiiiiiiiiiiink - aha you got it. Yes, I am tasteless, but you already knew that.)

Well Uber-Blogger Glenn Reynolds appears to have discovered that blogging about personal hygene devices makes for good copy. So not being one to avoid leaping on the Latest Big Thing (I do have a blog, after all), I will gladly whore myself out to Big Razor if it means gobs of traffic from Instapundit.

LearnedFoot's Razor Reviews

In the disposable category, by far the best value is the Gillette Sensor 3 which features three spring-mounted Comfort Blades(TM), a Non-slip Handle(TM) and a Sensitive + Aloe Lubrastrip(TM). The Sensor 3 provides a clean-close shave that tends to make Mrs. Foot's knees weak. I heartily endorse -

I'm sorry. I can't do this.

Well, I can still salvage this post. Instead, in an effort to make up for any mocking of FL, real or perceived, I offer this:

I Wanna Be the Header Quote on Fraters Libertas!

When you surf over to Fraters Libertas, one of the first things you'll notice is a quotation from some famous person that is either appropriate for the news of the day, self-promotional, or self-depracating.

So that the boys are never again wanting for quote fodder, I offer these, which they may use at their discretion:

"Fraters Libertas: Rotten livers; Fresh writing." -LearnedFoot

"Beer-soaked commentary for a puke-encrusted internet." - LearnedFoot

"Doing for the blogosphere what Ralph Rapson did for public architecture." -LearnedFoot

"Fraters Libertas: Champale in a Boone's Farm world." -LearnedFoot

How about the overly-metaphored-flourish quote:

"Fraters Libertas: The propellers moving the Aircraft Carrier of Truth that forges relentlessly ahead in the sea of confusion, against the trade currents of civic discourse driven by the tides of public opinion and the Coriolis Force of current events, churning up the photoluminescent plankton of enlightenment that guides us to the flight deck of common sense." -LearnedFoot

Note: Check the spelling of "Coriolis Force" before using that one.

And finally:

"Saint Paul is the internet's version of Molly Ivins. That is, if Molly Ivins were a conservative. And could write. And not a self-contradicting cornpone hick." -LearnedFoot

Remember guys, it's spelled "LearnedFoot" - two e's, two o's and one word. Much easier to spell than "King Bannanaman".

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