Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It Would Have Happened Eventually

That’s what the Left is beginning to say about the rising tide of freedom in the Middle East. They said the same, some even wept, when Communism collapsed.

Ed Kilgore’s entry at Talking Points Memo is the first, that I’ve seen, of many to come, to give no credit to the foreign policy of W. He doesn’t say it outright, but to follow Kilgore’s logic, one must believe – against all evidence – that the resignation of the Lebanese government, the turning over of Saddam’s half-brother, the rewriting of the Egyptian constitution, the announcement that women will now be able to vote in Saudi Arabia, ect., are purely coincidental (like when Dad took down V-Toed-Bill and his younger brother decided he’d better behave his ass, pure coincidence).

In the past, I’ve accused members of the Left of living in a vacuum. A place where cause and effect do not exist, where raising taxes (sucking money out of the economy) results only in increased revenue to government while having no effect on the economy, for example.

I used to believe it was a matter of partisanship; that no Leftie in good standing was allowed to give credit to a Republican. I was wrong. It’s not a matter of won’t, it’s a matter of can’t. The Left simply can’t think in three dimensions.

They’ll nominate a candidate for president who takes 8 sides to every issue and call it nuance, but point out that Syria gives up Saddam’s brother and they can’t make the connection to the ass kicking handed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s a mental deficiency. I wonder if it's covered under the ADA.

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