Saturday, March 26, 2005

Left's tolerance, permissiveness, inclusiveness paving road to Hell

It is my opinion that the spate of school shootings in recent years represents the heralding of a new era; an era in which the children of those who were raised in the years when many of the social norms and tenets of civilized society were challenged, and in many cases deemed obsolete and regressive.

Now I am not going to get into a big thing about "Back in my day' (I don't consider myself old enough for that yet, but God willing, I will be someday because I'm looking forward to my turn!), but I will maintain that things were different when I was a lad (not that long ago!).

I recall that there was never any doubt that a youngster would respect elders, particularly teachers and parents.

I know there was no such thing as a student "Bill of Rights," and had one been proposed where I went to school, it would have been summarily dismissed as so much garbage.

I know that when we saw a kid wearing all black and putting black makeup on to look like a vampire, we thought it strange and we said so, without fear of being labeled intolerant and 'haters.' It was strange, and if a kid went out of his way to make a spectacle of himself in such a manner, we were going to let him know he succeeded. You wonder why in 'the good old days ' most kids wore uniforms to school? This may be one reason why. Maybe it should be brought back.

I know that if I ever dared to talk back to a teacher, the teacher's wrath would just be the beginning of my problem. I might as well have not even gone home that night because the retribution would have been severe and deserved. Today? The teacher would be sued for offending the student.

I know we didn't have social clubs to celebrate any particular lifestyle under the sun.

I know we were taught U.S. History, and we recited the pledge of allegiance every morning.

I know that when there was a fight between two students, the teacher let it go on just long enough to 'get the steam out', and then gave the offenders a detention for fighting in school. There was no expulsion, or revulsion at the 'violent episode.'

I know that any teacher I encountered in the hall could 'cuff me one' if I was out of line, and I was afraid of every one of them, right through highschool. Today? The teachers are afraid of the students, and with good reason.

Why advocate for some of these things to become the norm again? I may be making a logical stretch here, but here goes:

I know we didn't have to go through metal detectors to get into school.

I know we didn't have armed policemen patrolling the halls.

I can't recall ever, ever hearing about some distraught 'misunderstood' poor student gunning down his classmates when I was growing up.

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