Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Let's Pound on Francl a Little More, Shall We?

The story has exploded everywhere (in the Minnesota blogosphere): The Minnesota Democrat Exposer has cybersquatted on some domain names that might be used for Democrat congressional candidates.

Just to be on the record, I think it's lame. If for no other reason, just beacause it's the type of thing "they" would do. (Hey Bill: I guess we do have "standards", after all!)

Oh, but the Drooler in Chief over at the Lefty Blog That Dare Not Speak Its Name dost object! Why the democrats are as pure as the driven snow when it comes to that sort of thing. And he says as much (link embargoed).

Well, we should take Luke at his word. No left-wing party hack would ever make an assertion or insinuation without checking the facts first. And they certainly wouldn't lie!

Oh wait. There is this.

During the campaign that site was a spot-on imitation of the official GWB website with the exact same layout, color scheme and fonts. You only knew it wasn't the real GWB site when you started reading the content. It was quite well done. You could tell that the guy who set it up really used both of his brain cells.

I'll bet if I tried, Luke, I could find more like this.

And don't be tryin' to semanticize me to death by saying you were defending the DFL and not the national party. That's like drawing a distinction between the lower intestine and the rectum. Yeah they're different entities, but they're intimately connected, and they both smell the same.

Besides, you people all look alike to me anyway.

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