Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Minneapolis is becoming 1930's Chicago

It happened again in North Minneapolis over the weekend. Two people were gunned down in a restaurant on a Saturday evening. The thugs in this town are starting to believe they can act with impunity.

There was a time during the 1930's when gangs ran roughshod over the various cities in which they operated. Minneapolis is getting to that point; a point where the police are nearly powerless to intervene and stem the rising tide of violence. Anytime they respond to the cries of citizens fed up with the turmoil, they are accused of harassment and racism.

Minneapolis needs to understand what they are up against; an infestation of criminals who are beginning to think they can run the city their way, with little or no fear of the law. And who can blame them for thinking that way? The city council is constantly reminding everyone that the perpetrators are often 'victims' themselves. Losers of life's lottery, they are just reflecting society's attitude toward them when they act out violently. It's no big deal when these slobs desecrate the wall of a store with graffiti. That's just the way those people express themselves, and we must not be judgmental. Don't you dare ask one of them to turn down the music that blares so loudly from his car that it shakes the windows on your house. That's their culture, and who is to say what 'disturbing the peace' really is?

What needs to happen is a total crackdown on any and all violators caught doing anything that is at all outside of the law. Start rounding up truants again, and fine the parents or guardians when the kid is truant. Start arresting people for loitering again. Those 'antiquated' laws were passed for a reason. People involved in drug dealing and prostitution generally have to 'loiter' before committing the larger offense. And how about that 'disturbing the peace' ordinance? Let's brush that off too and start enforcing it. The way to get these losers out of here is to harass them (yes, harass!) to death. make it impossible to move one iota out of line without prosecution.

Tough? Sure it is. But desperate times call for desperate measures. All I am really suggesting is a strict adherence to the criminal code already on the books.

In the meantime, I'm going to exercise my right to conceal and carry. One has to protect one's self in Gangland Minnesota!

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