Tuesday, March 01, 2005

No, Really. My Name Actually is Learned Foot...

The topic of anonymous blogging seems to be becomming the Big Blogging Argument Du Jour. NAAPALM's Minister of Gravitas has commented here. And for high-horse sanctimony from the left you can read here (there is also some mouth-foaming on the issue on a blog which I will not link to, if you know what I mean). As one of those evilrightwingpartyhackanonymous bloggers, I felt that I should weigh in. Here's why I don't use my real name:

Back in law school, I did research for a professor. Oddly enough, he was a moderate, right-wing, Jewish law professor (Yes, there is one!). A significant portion of this professor's extended family lives in Israel. Most, if not all, of them live in Jerusalem. So you can see why the issue of Israeli security and self-determination might be close to his heart.

Incensed by a growing anti-Israeli (anti-Semitic? Naw, it was liberals speaking against Israel, therefore it can't be characterized as bigotry! You silly goose!) tone in the editorial pages of American newspapers, the good professor wrote a letter that was published in one of the local papers (I believe it was the Strib). The letter was an cool-headed statement of the professor's view that Israel had the right to exist and defend herself.

By the afternoon of the day the letter was published, his home had been inundated by about a dozen phone calls, all of the callers using the vilest, most insulting and defamatory language.

I have also heard anecdotal evidence of other such instances.

I don't need that crap. That's why I write under a pseudonym.

Also, I have resources at my disposal that would allow me to make life absolutely miserable for anyone that crossed me. (Ask Elder. He can confirm this.) And if the occasion were to arise, I don't think that I'd have the self-restraint to pull my punches.

So, in a way, my anonymity protects moonbats too. Enlightened self-interest...

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