Saturday, March 19, 2005

One Step Forward; 579 Steps Back

Flash draws first blood in the Battle for Hoop Cred. Yes, George Washington U decided that they wanted no part of the first round upset cavalcade. Accordingly, they didn't even cover the spread. I owe Flash one beer.

Of course, even if I had won that bet, I'd be inclined to buy Flash a beer anyway.

He needs something to cry into.

If you haven't heard, or you're a myopic hockey hoser, Flash's pick to win it all, Kansas, was uncerimoniously bounced from the tourney by a team whose name I forget.


It's not important. However, it is a rare moment in history indeed when you see someone mathematically eliminated from winning the office pool before the second round even begins.

As for me, I got 26 out of 32 correct picking most of the upsets (NC State, UAB, UWM). Quite respectable. If it makes Flash feel any better, I got the Kansas game wrong also. Of course, I had them losing in the sweet sixteen, but a loss is a loss.

In totally unrelated news: could one of you hockey hosers fisk the crap out of this for me? I'll be spending the rest of the day watching basketball, so I won't have an oportunity to do so. It's pretty easy pickings. Here's a sample:

In other words, Republicans for decades have wanted to control the press much as Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler did, by attacking and attempting to discredit independent journalism, and for them blogs are just the latest tool in their war. That's definitely newsworthy, but outside of the blogosphere, few publications will dare state this.

Would someone please bludgeon this to death for me? Call it a mini-fiskwah.

Thanks in advance!

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