Friday, March 04, 2005

An Open Follow-Up Letter to the Left-Wing Fraud Machine

Dear Shitknuckles,

It has been nearly three weeks since my last correspondence to you. I have yet to hear back from you.

I'm writing just to reassure you that I haven't forgotten about you, to keep you posted on the latest of the fallout from your handiwork in Wisconsin, and to make some further inquiries.

Shortly after I wrote you back in February, this appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (which us hip folks like to refer to as "The Jenital"):

In Milwaukee, about 73,000 verification postcards were sent out, with 2,800 returned for a variety of reasons.

The city, though, was unable to process another 1,300 registration cards for many reasons, including missing names and addresses, and addresses outside the city.

Those cards are a focus of an investigation into possible voter fraud that was launched by Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann and U.S. Attorney Steve Biskupic in the wake of reports by the newspaper about a series of election-related problems. Of the cards that could not be sent, 548 had no address listed and 48 had no name listed.

I am willing to give you folks the benefit of the doubt on this one since I know your party has no history of registering and voting for people who either do not exist or have ceased to exist.

But I am a little disturbed by your overall lack of enthusiasm for legitimate, fraud-free elections. The Wisconsin legislature is considering a common sense bill that would prevent a lot of the shenanigans you guys got away with in the past:

The bill would require most people to show a driver's license to vote, but a state-issued identification card or military ID also would be accepted. The state would offer free IDs to those who don't have them or can't afford them.

This bill eventually passed the Assembly, but not before being held up by, well, you people. And when the bill finally did pass, only 4 of the 39 Democrats in that body voted for it.

Not to worry, though: Wisconsin's moonbat governor is so concerned with the legitimacy of elections, that he is expected to veto the bill.

Oh, and those Democratic Party Hacks (and here I use the term "hack" in its most literal sense) who slashed the tires on those vehicles rented by the Republican Party entered their pleas today (hurry, link will die soon).

But enough about Wisconsin. Let's talk about Ohio and Florida. You remember those states? Those are the ones y'all declared to be rife with fraud and intimidation; in some cases you were crying foul months before the polls even opened.

So what's going on there? Any indictments? Investigations? Any grand juries empaneled? No? Surely all those cameras Moby Dickless Moore set up outside polling places in Ohio picked up something?


Maybe your silence is due to the fact that you are under the impression that I'm taunting you. That'd be pretty accurate.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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