Sunday, March 06, 2005

Some Love, Some Hate and Some Unbridled Joy

In the past couple of months, we here at the KAR have received an awful lot of love that has not been adequately returned. That's primarily because we are a spleen-venting forum, and generally don't engage in lovefests or excessive link referring.

But we should pay our homage to some blogs out there that deserve special thanks or recognition.

First, to Mitch at Shot in the Dark. Mitch is the best writer in the blogosphere, period. His arguments are always tight, and his spelling is usually close. He would be the "Grey Lady" of the blogosphere instead of Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) if he only had the time.

Second, to Bogus Doug. If he would ditch the sensitive-soul-searching- guy schtick, he'd be Mitch's equal. (That's a compliment, Doug.) Doug is the most thoughtful of the bloggers that do not have a national audience. Plus, he is a top-notch writer.

Finally, some love to the spit and snot that hold's this loosely-affiliated organization we call the MOB together: Fraters Libertas. Their Latin sucks but their writing is head and heals above "legitimate" outlets like the Village Voice or the New York Times Review of Books. Sometimes they are even more interesting than those publications. Also, if it weren't for FL, KAR's traffic would still be around 15 hits per day.

And of course everybody knows about our affinity for the Nihilist in Golf Pants. Except when Sisyphus goes all artsy-fartsy on us.

Ahhhhh. Feel the love.

Now the hate.

The Strib treated us yokels to Molly Ivins' sewage today. It was about the bankruptcy reform bill making its way through Congress. She evokes the predictable rich vs. poor bullshit that all moonbat libs are known for. Her column is ripe for a full-on fisking, but I will abstain since I am in such a good mood.

Well OK, I'll nail her on one thing. Aside from completely missing the fact that credit card companies don't pay for defaults - other responsible customers do in the form of higher fees and rates; not to mention she apparently has no clue that "usury" is illegal in all 50 states; Ivins makes it incredibly easy to impugn her credibility in a single sentence:

So, who are these feckless, irresponsible moochers using bankruptcy to avoid paying legitimate debts? Why, look at this: The New York Times reports "legal specialists say the proposed law leaves open an increasingly popular loophole that lets wealthy people protect substantial assets from creditors even after filing for bankruptcy."

To make Ivins' breathtaking insufficiency as a "journalist" abundantly clear, let's reflect on what a good journalist would do when reporting on or offering an opinion about a new bankruptcy law.

Off the top of my head, uh, well:

I would ACTUALLY READ THE FRICKING BILL, for one. Then, if there were things in the proposed law that I didn't understand or didn't know the implications of, I would consult a lawyer or a judge, or even a present or former legislator. Does Ivins do this?

Of course not. She's a brainless cornpone party hack. She just takes the word of the New York Times, which in turn takes the word of so-called "legal specialists" (whatever the hell those are).

So if you're ever sued for anything, instead of representing yourself pro se, I encourage you to enlist the services of a Legal Specialist. Whatever the F**k that is.

It is beyond me why Ivins gets paid the big bucks for peddling "opinions" about things she has NO F***ING CLUE ABOUT, while I'm doing the same thing (while actually possessing a clue) for free.


It's over 50 degrees outside today. I'M GRILLING MEAT Y'ALL!!!!

As added blog value, here's a recipe:

Get a good sirloin steak (this rub goes well with all cuts of beef, but I like using it on a large sirloin): if you're near a Byerly's pick up a USDA Prime dry aged sirloin: it's the best value around.

Use the following dry rub:

1 part ground pepper
1 part sea or kosher salt
1 part paprika
1 part sugar

A tablespoon of each will yield more than enough for two-pounds worth of meat. Rub the mixture on both sides of the steak and let cure for 3 to 4 hours. Grill to desired doneness. This rub is simple, yet phenomenal.

You're welcome, Margaret. Say "hi" to David for me. He's my favorite short taxpayer advocate.

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