Thursday, March 10, 2005

Treading on Scared Ground

God love the Star & Sickle editorial board. The daily swill they produce would render a two-holer useless within a week. Today’s lead piece of crap, found here, is a wonderful example of their intellectual dishonesty.

It was only a few months ago that the Left in this country, including our own S&S editorial board, was wailing about W’s administration and how he was staking it with people who, God forbid, actually intended to implement his policies.

Can’t have that they said. Not good for Democracy they warned. Stifling dissent they complained.

Now John Bolton is poised to take a seat as the US Ambassador to the UN and the S&S, indeed the entire Left, is worried that he won’t genuflect before their most sacred institution.

He’s too undiplomatic for a diplomat they say. Too much dissent, the warn. Won’t play nice with the “allies” they worry.


It’s about damn time someone stands up and speaks the truth without couching it in euphemisms. Kim is a killer. He is evil and should be eradicated. The UN is a cesspool of elitist pigs that care only about which 5 star they’ll be dining at this evening.

They don’t care about reforming this mess. On the contrary, if any reforms are put in place they will serve only to do a better job of keeping the corruption buried. After all, this mess, while long-standing, has only worsened under Kofi’s leadership. Now, after all this time, he’s pretending to seek reform.


I, for one, hope when Bolton arrives in New York he declares that he is there to sweep the rats into the east river with our pal Kofi leading the way.

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