Wednesday, March 23, 2005

UPDATED: A Quick Open Note to the Left-Wing Fraud Machine

Dear Knob Goblins,

I still have not heard from you. Are you still there?

Silly me! Of course you are still there. And now I have yet another reason to hate you. You are going to make me link to Power Line.

Yes, apparently resigned to the fact that all of your ideas suck and have about as much traction as a razor scooter in an avalanche, you returned to your tried-and-true method of faking documents to tear down your opposition. And this time you threw in an ABC push-poll for good measure.

Yet I somehow find comfort in the fact that so many of you lefties would immediately embrace an unsigned, unletterheaded memo that closely tracks the lingo of a right-wing activist website, and appears to be photocopied intentionally poorly to add that extra whiff of authenticity.

I take comfort because this indicates that you are grasping at straws. It increasingly appears to me that your party's feeding tube will not be readministered.

Now I understand that this particular incident is several magnitudes of heinousness below hijacking 10 electoral votes in a presidential election. But c'mon. You people are really getting desperate.

Speaking of hijacking elections, The Milwaukee Jenital had yet another story about your electoral misadventures in Wisconsin today. This one first gives a nice little summary of the story so far:

The question of whether felons voted illegally is part of a federal-local investigation into possible voter fraud in the city.

That investigation was prompted by a series of Journal Sentinel revelations about the Nov. 2 election. Among them: a 7,000 vote gap between ballots cast and people recorded as voting; 1,200 votes from invalid addresses; and 1,300 same-day registration cards that could not be processed because of missing or incomplete information.

Just to make those numbers mean something, Knob Goblin, Kerry "won" Wisconsin by about 11,000 votes.

Anyway, the story goes on to document the most compelling reason why so many of you Democrats oppose the proposed picture ID law for same-day voter registration: some people may forget their wallets. Especially the elderly, minorities and the poor. (I am not making this up. Go read the story.)

I am delighted that you folks have discovered this troubling problem that certain underprivileged segments of society have problems remembering to bring their wallets with them. Perhaps this is the magic bullet that ends poverty. Poor people actually do have enough money to live on; they just keep leaving it on their dressers. I think a new, highly-funded government program is in order to treat this egregious problem of billfold location ignorance.

But anyway, that's all I've got for today.

What's the news from Ohio?



P.S. So now, with the new developments in this story, the question becomes: which one of you twerps wrote that Republican "talking points memo":

However, Republican leadership staffers now believe the document was generated out of the Democratic opposition research office set up recently by Sen. Harry Reid, and distributed to some Democratic Senate staffers claiming it was a GOP document, in the hope -- or more likely expectation -- that it would then be leaked by those Democrats to reporters. In fact, the New York Times stated that it was Democratic staffers who were distributing the "talking points" document.

Rest asssured that when the forger is discovered, he/she/it will be crucified here on a daily basis.

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