Saturday, March 19, 2005

Weighing in on the weighty issue of which sport is better

It seems LF touched a nerve with his Top 11 (ala Nihlist in Golf Pants) list of reasons basketball is better than hockey. If we had any readers in Minnesota's Iron Range, they're gone now.

In the short time between his enumerated slamming of our beloved sport, I have been deluged with requests for my opinion on the matter. Which is better; hockey or basketball? Millions are awaiting V-Toed-Bill's Solomonesque ruling to put the matter to rest.

And V-Toed-Bill says...


V-Toed-Bill's Top Five Reasons Baseball is Better Than Basketball and Hockey:

5. You gotta love a sport that is known as 'America's Pastime'

4. It's Summer when baseball is in season - Winter for the other two

3. Baseball has had only one major rules change in the last 100 years

2. Bottom of the ninth, tie score, bases loaded, two outs, three balls, two strikes - DRAMA!

1. A game played on green grass (I do not recognize the Metrodome as a baseball park) beats a game played on ice or hardwood anytime

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