Friday, March 11, 2005

What a Freaking Moron!!

Read this (free registration required) and come back. I realize her real name is Magee, but Mr. Magoo was blind as is Ms. Magee.

Blind and irrevocably stupid, that is.

What this pile of tripe lacks in logic it more than makes up for in hate. The woman flat out hates cops. She exposes her hatred in her first sentence, “eagerness of his officers to use force on the most vulnerable.” What a load of crap this is.

Does this idiot actually believe that cops in school, and in general, go to work every day looking for people to shoot? The answer is, “Yes.” For proof, I refer you to her biography at the Hamline University web site that quotes her as follows (emphasis added):

"I believe, as the founders of this country espoused, that the greatest threat to law and order, peace and liberty is tyranny, not crime. I, therefore, believe that the highest calling of the lawyer is the call to fight against tyranny and government-sponsored or tolerated oppression. Thus, I struggle in my classes to instill in my students the knowledge of the law and the critical and analytical skills to hold the government (and everyone else) accountable to the rule of law and the rights of all people."

She thinks government is the problem. Notice how “everyone else” in added parenthetically.

Forget that the kids who receive the business end of a taser have no respect for authority and would just as easily mug her ass in a dark alley while she preaches to them about “the man” and the oppression he’s visited on their people.

Yep, this woman is a cop hater. She actually writes about satisfying the “taser thirst” of officers. I don’t know about you, but I’m picturing rabid dogs – Cujo perhaps – attacking little children between classes.


She must believe we are all as stupid as she and will accept this BS at face value.

Has this moronic jackass seen the physical size of the kids who populate the local high schools? Is she not aware of the gang problems? What about the weapons that popped up recently at Minneapolis Roosevelt?

Oh, I forgot, she’s with the NAACP, that wonderful organization which blames every Black Ill on “the man.”

I’m really pissed and am beginning to ramble so let me wrap up with one more thing:
This sorry excuse for a commentary reads like a Dr. Seuss story, “Tasers are not proven safe to use on our children. Tasers have never been tested on children. Tasers hardly have been tested. Before bringing Tasers to market, Taser International only tested the Taser on a pig and a few dogs. Independent tests indicate that Tasers can be deadly.”
It has the rhythm of “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” without fun illustrations.


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