Friday, March 18, 2005

Yet Another Open Letter to the Left-Wing Fraud Machine

Dear Sphincter Weasels,

I still haven't heard back from you. Are you ignoring me?

Well you shouldn't. I have more news from Milwaukee regarding the last election. You will want to hear about it. I'll explain why later.

In today's online edition of the Milwaukee Jenital, I noted this story:

At least 82 felons voted illegally in the presidential election Nov. 2 in Milwaukee, though the total is likely far higher, a new computer analysis by the Journal Sentinel has found.

Indeed, there are more than 600 potential matches between felons on probation and parole and names and middle initials of people who voted in the city. But a full analysis could not be completed by the newspaper because of a 2003 state law that bars access to birth dates of voters.

Before I go any further, I would like to offer serious props to Greg Borowski, the reporter who has clamped down on this story like a hungry rottweiler to a porterhouse and refuses to let go. We in the blogosphere like to shoot members of the MSM for sport, so I think it's only fair to compliment them for jobs well done.

Sorry for the digression, Sphincter Weasels. Back to my point.

The article mentions the felon vote in the 2000 elections:

Four years ago, the newspaper found that 361 felons voted illegally. Three were charged by McCann, but those charges were dropped when prosecutors couldn't establish that the felons knew they were ineligible to vote.

For the record, the McCann referred to in that last blurb is Milwaukee County District Attorney E Michael McCann. He's a Democrat. Let's review his score card from the 2000 election:

361 voting felons.
3 charged.
0 made it to a jury trial.

I thought you Democrats were so concerned about the integrity of the elections. You sure as hell were screaming bloody murder about it 5 months ago.

And then you became quite silent on the matter. Why? And you still haven't demonstrated any Republican-sponsored electoral malfeasance.

But the evidence is piling up against you guys: undeliverable voter registration cards, tire slashings, voting machines registering more votes than eligible voters in the (heavily Democratic) precincts they were used, and now as many as 600 voting felons.

Dare I say it? It's beginning to look like a pattern.

I know, I know. There's no evidence (yet) that felons voted for Democrats over Republicans. I'm just going out on a limb here assuming that convicted felons would not be a key Republican voting bloc.

So anyway, why am I telling you this? I just thought you might find the information useful. I remember back after the 2004 election, you guys did a lot of post mortems on why you were unable to mobilize the "young vote".

Well, here we have as many as 600 felons who voted. Having grown up in Milwaukee, I can tell you that that is a very small fraction of all the felons that live in that city.

I am merely offering you this information so that you may better ascertain why you were also unable to mobilize the "disenfranchised felon voter" bloc. I am sure your expectations were much higher, but 600 invalid votes is nothing to sneeze at.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Your Pal,


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