Saturday, March 26, 2005

Yet Another Open Letter to the Left Wing Fraud Machine

Dear Asshats,

My goodness, you guys are keeping me busy. I have given up waiting to hear from you since I realize that you all have nothing to offer in the way of evidence as far as the presidential election in Ohio goes. You got nothing and everybody knows it. I was just taunting you a little (by which I mean "a lot".)

In my past correspondence with you, I have always been careful to avoid sounding, well, like you. I have assiduously avoided the language of conspiracy that so often characterizes many of your mootbat internet outlets. Alas, by writing this, I may be slipping into that very trap.

But I do so diligently and thoughtfully. Yes, the morass you have created in Wisconsin indeed looks like a conspiracy.

To review the story so far, Asshat:

-In Milwaukee, there were several precincts where the number of votes cast outnumbered the actual number enrolled voters;

-As many as 650 ineligable felons voted;

-Loads and loads of voter registration cards were returned to sender because the addresses on them did not exist;

-Milwaukee County's (Democrat) D.A. has a history of not giving a shit about these things (yet he, with the U.S. Attorney's office are leading the investigation into these matters)

-A picture ID voter registration law is doomed (by Democrats including Wisconsin's moonbat governor) because the poor, elderly, and minorities tend to forget their wallets.

All this paints a rather compelling picture. Yet it lacks the touchstone of a true bona fide conspiracy: a shadow organization that adds an impamatur of legitimacy to the illegitamate.

Well, it looks like we have that too:

The results of the Nov. 2 election in Milwaukee, now the subject of an investigation into possible voter fraud, were certified without any double-checking of the totals by the city or county panels charged with oversight, the Journal Sentinel has determined.

Thus, polling-place discrepancies between the number of ballots cast and the count of voters at many wards went undiscovered until long after the election results were finalized.

The State Elections Board on Thursday opened a review into why the city did not comply with a state law that requires it to provide copies of key materials to the county by 2 p.m. the day after the election - and why the county OK'd the results without seeing the documents.

Kevin Kennedy, executive director of the state board, said the sequence of events, only now coming to light, meant key safeguards were ignored.

Indeed, had officials caught those polling-place gaps - at the ward level, or later by the city or by county canvassers - hundreds of ballots could have been set aside and not counted to adjust for the difference, as called for by state law.

Well isn't that a fine howdy-doo? The watchdogs weren't watching. Was it on purpose? Or was it incompetence? I put the odds at 50/50 given that these panels are dominated by Democrats. Please do read the whole article.

With a few minor exceptions, this country has endured quite a bit of internal strife peacefully since the Civil War. But, (and you will have to excuse my French here) when you fuck with an election; when you render illegitimate the very foundation of this country's peacefulness, you will eventually reap the whirlwind. People will get hurt, and people will die if you continue to pull stunts like it increasingly appears you have pulled in Milwaukee.

I don't need to remind you that our side owns most of the guns in this country.

Have a nice day!


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