Friday, April 01, 2005

Mitch Berg: Big, Green Booger of the Apocalypse

Sound the Maurice Gibb Emergency Broadcast System Sustained Beep:

Jive talkin'. -The Bee Gees

There's no bigger jive talker than Mitch Berg who spittles out the Shit in the Dork blog. This numbnuts wingnut makes a habit of constantly dissing the highly respected Star Tribune journalist Nick Coleman. I for the life of me cannot understand why, since Coleman is the calm, moderate voice of reason in that otherwise radical right-wing rag.

Mitch made quite a sport of scurilously insulting Coleman in the early days of his fledgling Air America radio program. You know why?


C'mon Mitch you facist retard! You're just bitching cuz you don't have your own radio show with dozens of adoring listeners. Hell, you wish you had even half the game Nick does, with clever bits like "Wingnut of the Week" and reading hate-mail in a British accent.

I'll bet you even wish you were a real Irishman like Coleman. What kind of name is "Berg" anyway? Mongolian? Maybe we should just call you "Ghengis Berg" from now on.

So Mitch, get your own radio show and let's see how good you are. Of course you'd probably have no problem getting your show bankrolled by your neocon sugardaddy Karl Rove.

UPDATE AND BUMP TO TOP: Sisyphus Francl e-mails us:

I think that Bitch Merg has a Saturday afternoon radio show on the Brownshirt Station. I can't confirm that as I have never listened to it. I heard he's on with a bunch of daisy chain noise machine nazi bloggers. I'm sure it's a religious right-wing evangelical Christian neocon wingnut conspiracy bankrolled by Grover Norquist.

Love the changes that George Soros made to your blog!

ChimpyBush = Hitler,
Sisyphus Francl

If this is true, and Sisyphus' uncorroborated third party hearsay is good enough for me, then I'm sure BergRadio sucks.

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