Friday, May 20, 2005

Cake-Eating Blogger to KAR, Nihilist: "Know Your Place, Bitch!"

And so the rift in the Right-Wing-Noise-Machine-Daisy-Chain-Circle-of-Wankers caused by the Governor's snub grows wider. Today Mitch tries to put the cute and lovable bloggers at KAR and Nihilist in Golf Pants in our place.

Such condescention must not go unanswered. Unfortunately, there is way too much material in the Letters to the Strib today, so I will have to hand this one off.(*)

(*) Translation: While I am a man of above average stature, Mitch is a man of way above average stature who could slap me like a twig; not to mention that he likes guns, his blog gets way more traffic than this one and he hosts a radio show so therefore, any derision he wants to throw our direction would reach a very wide audience, thus I'd rather have someone else take the heat. He also is now the Governor's monkey which means he could ask for favors, such as having the Guv condemn my house and build a crematorium on the land.

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