Monday, May 23, 2005

The Daisy Chain in Crisis: Day 6

The effort is underway by certain powerful sects of the Right Wing Noise Machine to marginalize KAR and NIGP (Daisy Chain Links Nos. 14 and 12 respectively). The past 48 hours have seen more activity:

* Certain elements of the Daisy Chain caroused at a secret location in St. Cloud, hosted by King Banaiaian Babylon Byonyang Economics Guy. And terming the St. Cloud location as "secret" is accurate, given our ignorance of the geography of that city.

* Meanwhile, the contributors to the blog dedicated to its own obsolescence lived large and very tasty sides of beef and large cocktails. They were no doubt planning on how best to twist the knife in the back of us marginalized daisy chainers.

And there was an assault from without:

* An attention addict well known in these parts had one too many cosmos Saturday night and went on a comment writing jag in the comment threads of various blogs. Her bender also included some breathless and obsessive posting on her own blog about the fallout from Snubgate. This serial point misser wrote some of the most point-missingest stuff I have ever seen. No links. Just surf around the MOB a while, and you'll find 'em.

So the walls are closing in on the Two Most Lovable Blogs in the MOB (TM). Conspiracies abound. Will we turn to the Dark Side, lashing out at our tormentors like Jedis cornered in a galactic coliseum? Will one of us reveal his true identity as Darth Sidious Sisyphus?

Stay tuned.

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