Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hey Look! I Can Make Up Words Too!

Rewd (rood) adj.

1) describing a moral relativist who supposes her "values" are superior to those of others. see also: "irewny"

2) describing a person who takes a predrawn (usu. by Daily Kos) half-truth caricature of one's political opponents, reduces it to a pithy phase, and asserts it as truth. e.g.: When Rew wrote: "in Wingnutopia it makes perfect sense that you can reduce the number of abortions by preventing access to birth control and not teaching sex-ed. Or: the God of Wingutopia is capable of designing the unbelievably complex laws of chemistry and physics, but evolution is completely beyond His capacity" she was being rewd.

see also: "oh that's so fourth grade"

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