Friday, May 06, 2005


Before I get to the announcement, I offer a little background for those of you who are wondering why the "Marquette Gold" kerfuffle is such a big deal:

Several years ago, Marquette was known as the "Warriors".
The mascot was a real Indian (the "First Warrior") who performed real traditional Indian dances during time-outs or halftime.

As a brief aside, one of these dances was called the "Sneak Up Dance". Upon seeing this dance at a game, noted Marquette alum Denbo - who is known for his cultural sensitivity - was heard to remark: "the only thing he could sneak up on with that dance is a senile buffalo".

Anyway, the whole Native-American-nicknames-are-not-PC wave swept the nation. The University powers that be scrambled all over themselves to appease some "activists". They settled on a new name: the "Golden Eagles".

This capitulation caused much revulsion and consternation among students and alumni. They continued complaining and grousing (and some offered obscene amounts of money to Marquette to restore the Warrior name) until finally the Board of Trustees decided to revisit the issue.

Many were excited, expecting that the university administration would do what it should have done in the first place: retain the "Warrior" name, but change the mascot to something like a knight or a (European-looking) guy wearing a loincloth and holding a sword.

They went with "Gold". And despite an almost universal negative reaction to the name, they are sticking to their guns.

Now to the announcement:

Ideas of genius are almost always ridiculed at first. I have come to realize that "Gold" is a very cutting edge idea. It is unique in all of sports, since every other color team name is anthropomorphisized and in the plural, to reflect a group of individuals (e.g. the Browns, the Orangemen, the Reds).

"The Gold" evokes an image of a single homogeneous unit. That is the essence of a team. When everybody is doing their own thing, there is chaos and little success. But if a team functions as a single fully integrated unit, the possibilities of success are endless.

Therefore, we have decided to change the name of this blog. We intend to follow the courageous example set by the Marquette board of trustees by being on forefront of cutting edge blog-naming.

From this day forward, the Kool Aid Report shall be known as "Mauve".

Bill has updated the header accordingly.

Welcome to Mauve!

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