Sunday, May 15, 2005

KAR Maxim No. 310: If the public perceives something as bad, the Left will blame it on Bush - Corrolary to maxim No. 310: EVERYTHING is Bush's fault

I really can't stand Pat Oliphant the political cartoonist. Judging by the stuff I read on the internet about him, I am not alone in my disdain. His regular M.O. is cartoons as catalyst for class warfare and envy, and he also likes to take swipes at 'slack-jawed' Red Staters from high atop his elitist perch. Since 2000, President Bush has been the target of many Oliphant renderings, and often when there seems to be no real connection between the lampooned subject and the president himself.

Now I do not begrudge Oliphant, or any other cartoonists right or inclination to to take satirical shots at the president. Far from it. I enjoyed all of the cartoon jabs thrust at Clinton during the Lewinsky debacle, the Whitewater scandal, the haircut on the tarmac, the ...oops, sorry, off topic. But I must object to works like the one here:

Once again, this could be hard to read, so I will transcribe the dialog. This is Oliphant's take on United Airlines' recent decision to default on employee pensions that has understandably angered many of United's employees. The Captain on the left says "Hey, how can United default on our pensions?" The two flight attendants say something about "A contract is a contract". Here is the jab: The first 'Fat Cat' putting on a parachute says "You have to understand that in these, the Bush years, a contract is meant to be broken." The other two are putting on their respective golden parachutes to jump from the mess that is United Airlines.

Now help me out here, but how at all is Bush connected to the United pension imbroglio? He isn't, and that's the point. The Left will take any situation at all negative and try to pin it on Bush. Oliphant has to take great literary license just to get Bush's name into the cartoon at all, referring to the "the Bush years" as though the time has been marked by continual breach of contract and dereliction of duty. Quite the contrary, Bush has proven to be every bit a man who makes a promise and sticks to it, so help him God and damn the consequences.

Please, somebody comment here and tell me they used this cartoon as a training paper for their new puppy?

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