Monday, May 16, 2005

Minor, but Telling

Doug Grow’s Sunday column provided an interesting glimpse into the weekend’s DFL (Dysfunctional, Farmer, Labor) Party convention at Augsburg. At the same time it gave readers a clear look into the petulance that is the DNA of Left.

Some will say I’m picking on a minor point, in fact, in an otherwise innocuous column, there is but one sentence that had me shaking my head (spot my emphasis if you can):

"Eighth Ward [delegates]," Higgins announced, bravely. "We need you to move from your spot and go to the riser [bleacher] seats in the back of the gym."

"Point of order!" screamed an upset delegate. "Why do we have to move the Eighth Ward? The Eighth Ward is already settled."

Higgins had sort of a Republican answer to the question.

"You're going to move because that's what we've decided!" she yelled into her microphone.

What a jerk. The convention is in a state of chaos because of poor – if not nonexistent –planning and he can’t help but take a shot at Republicans.

He’s a jerk, but he’s also very, very wrong. Gee, there’s a surprise. And in his wrongness he gives away the worst kept secret in modern political history – Lefties are paternalistic to a fault. They don’t trust people to make their own decisions themselves or to understand decisions on their behalf. The latter being the preferred approach.

Let’s strip the exchange down to its basic elements:

Q: Why?
A: Because I said so.

Sounds like a conversation I had with Thing 2 yesterday. The primary difference being…HE’S SIX.

Higgins’ answer to the delegate, also an adult I assume, was condescending and uncalled for. A mature adult would have explained to the assembled that there was a problem with the seating, they were doing their best to resolve it, but some people would have to move.

It’s SOP for the Left. You wouldn’t understand and can’t be trusted to do so, so accept our decision like good little boys and girls.

Whether the subject is personal protection, the sale of fireworks, motorcycle helmets, smoking, seatbelts, etc, etc, etc, the Nanny Gang wants to make sure that no adult in the state of Minnesota is free to make any decision.

You were as wrong as an exit poll Doug. A Republican would never respond to an adult in such a manner, but we do reserve the right to answer as such to our children.

Then again, maybe you were right. After all in Higgins’ mind, indeed in the mind of all good Lefties, we are all children who can’t handle the truth.

Like the headline says…Minor, but Telling.

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