Thursday, May 12, 2005

MU Au UPDATE: Ten Per Centers Take it to the Web

Ideas generally follow a certain evolution in public discourse. An opinion is held by an overwhelming majority of people. It eventually becomes conventional wisdom. After a while the conventional wisdom transforms into common sense.

We saw this process moving at hyperspeed during the past week. Marquette made a decision so bad that some 90% of the population that cared about it cried out in revulsion. Over the course of the next few days, the story turned from one about a University's decision, to one about the controversy and bad vibes caused by that decision (conventional wisdom). And from there, the Board of Lickknobs Trustees gave in, admitting defeat (common sense). End of story, right?

It appears that there are some that actually liked the Marquette "Gold". They are setting up a website advocating for the retention of that wretched nickname (it currently redirects to a page shlepping their merchandise, but it is said it will become an entity unto itself later today).

Why do I think that these people spent last summer on the Capitol steps shouting "Bush lied and kids died"?

Anyway, the catchphrase of their crusade is "Keep Gold Pride Alive".

You can't "keep" a stillborn idea "alive". It's just common sense.

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