Monday, May 23, 2005

Need I Say More?

The S&S pointy-headed elites do a fine job of defining “compromise” in today’s dead-bloated-rotting-fish-flesh wrapper.

“The Republican governor's attempt at compromise deserves a response in kind from the DFL majority in the Senate… Compromise need not mean abandoning principles or priorities DFLers hold dear. It should mean nudging the governor toward raising enough additional revenue to adequately support schools without kicking the props out from under the working poor.”

What do this governor and other “Republicans” not get?

Look at the definition: “Compromise need not mean abandoning principles or priorities DFLers hold dear.”

In the minds of the socialist elitist slobs running this rag of a paper, not to mention every other moron with a “Happy to pay for a better Minnesota” sign in their yard, abandoning that which is held dear is the job of Republicans.

The Nanny-statists admit, in print, that compromise – in DFL terms – means pulling the Governor even further to the left.

In other words: Now that he’ ok with sticking the money vacuum into the pockets of smokers, it’s the job of DFL legislators to get that vacuum into the pockets of every Minnesotan.

These bastards are never satisfied. At the outset of this vat of regurgitated monkey spleen they wrote, “He finally displayed some of the flexibility Minnesotans expect from a talented man elected not to lead his party or posture for national office, but to govern this state. We're eager for more.”

We’re dealing with a selfishness that is usually only found in children. Can you imagine the arrogance one must have to make such a statement?

Thanks for the flexibility, Governor, but it aint good enough. We want more and we’re gonna brand you a racist, sexist, homophobic, warmonger until we get it.

And what’s this crap about, “a talented man.”? They don’t believe for a minute that Pawlenty is talented. This is nice way of patting the man on the back while twisting the knife.

Yesterday, in the OPEX section, this column served to welcome to Katherine Kersten as a new columnist and to float some future changes that can be expected later in the year:

Katherine's arrival fits with some of the broader aims of a redesign of the Star Tribune coming in September. As the staff looks ahead to the future of newspapers, we think it's vital to expand the reach of the paper for a wide base of readers, young and old, urban and suburban, conservative, liberal and independent.

Forgive me, oh pointy-heads, if I don’t by a word of this spittle.

You've pulled this rag so far to the left, the only way to pull it back is to tear it down and start over.

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