Wednesday, May 25, 2005

NEWS ALERT: Nonmonkey Outs Atomizer, JB Doubtless as "Activists"

The blogosphere was shocked to learn today that 2 of its most beloved Governor's Monkeys are actually right-wing activists:

The guest list was dominated by self-described "new media" activists whose reliably partisan views have earned them links on the home page of the Minnesota Republican Party. I don't care who the governor plays gin rummy with. The problem is that state law says the mansion -- "the people's house" -- is for ceremonial purposes, not partisan ones. So it is notable when a governor -- one mentioned as a contender for higher office -- invites spear carriers to make nice with him at the people's house.

Though Nonmonkey didn't name names, lovable Fraters JB Doubtless and Atomizer were in attendance. By implication this means that they are de facto activists and spear-catchers.

Of course on the planet NM and his ilk inhabit, anyone who holds and expresses an opinion different from theirs is an activist.

Of the 30 or 40 "new medians" in attendance, NM chose to interview...

...a non-blogger who was the only person not proclaiming herself a conservative:

"I'll stand as the one person who would not be considered right-wing," said [Kelli] Gorr, who broadcast a talk show from the governor's reception room in St. Paul on the day of the reception, but who took pains to present a politically balanced program. "The spin was that they [the governor's staff] wanted to reach new media able to disseminate information quickly and to say thank you to the nontraditional media. That was the spin. But if you call it most definitely right-wing, you're not off base."

Does any one else think that it's very very odd that a man who considers himself a "legitimate journalist" and obsessively concerns himself with "wingnut" bloggers has yet to try to contact one?

Well, I went to the source: I asked JB and Atomizer if they considered themselves "activists".

Atomizer said: "I'm only an activist in the sense that I'm actively trying to take down Ralph Rapson for continuing to foist his crappy, crappy architecture on the world."

JB babbled incoherently about scotch for 5 minutes.

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