Monday, May 09, 2005

Nominations for Moron of the Year

As read in today’s S&S, here is a series of letters from people who have no concept of individual rights. They are, each and every one, spoiled brats who want what they want when they want it and to hell with anyone who disagrees.

I have a hard time not going ballistic on such idiocy, but then I remember that they are less fortunate in that the six functioning brain cells they have cannot be used to both think and write at the same time.

Debating pharmacists
Those who support a pharmacist's right not to fill birth control prescriptions are either ignorant of the fact, or just don't care, that many women go on birth control pills for various reasons other than birth control.

Let them feel the excruciating abdominal pain, back cramps, sweating and nausea that I get for up to eight hours each month without the medication.
Jessica Null, Minneapolis.

Jessica, I do understand the pain you go through. I’ve known a few women who battle it every moth. Do you realize there a hundreds of pharmacies in the city of Minneapolis? My guess is you won’t have to look far for a pharmacist who is willing to fill your prescription.

Pharmacies denying women birth control is like the post office denying men "Playboy."
Ryan Carlson, Eden Prairie.

Ryan, how long did it take you to come up with this a absurd analogy? Let lead you through this one, pal. Try to keep up. We’re not talking about “pharmacies”; we’re talking about pharmacists, individuals who have a religious objection to dispensing birth control. If an individual letter carrier had an issue with delivering “Playboy”, you’d have something here, but you’re too stupid to make the connection.

According to the self-appointed enforcers of morality in this country, the Constitution and their "conscience" tell them they get to compel the rest of us to live by their narrow and exclusive beliefs regarding the dispensation of legal birth control medication.

Here's a solution to the problem that works for everybody: Don't believe in birth control? Don't use it. Think abortion is wrong? Don't have one.
Shelley Robinson, St. Paul.

Who’s forcing who, Shelley? You brainless twit. I’ve yet to see a pharmacist say you must live by their religious teachings. On the contrary, it’s you and your social engineers that want to force pharmacists to go against their religious beliefs and provide you with birth control.

Let’s talk about the Constitution: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

Sound familiar Shelley? Of course it does, but then this isn’t what you mean when you preach (pun intended) separation of church and state.

Time to hang you Lefties with your own rope:

What this line means to most, but not to selfish pigs like you, is that individuals in this country are free to practice their religions without government intrusion. In other words, government cannot compel individuals to act against their religious beliefs.

That’s what you’re asking here, Shelley. Individual rights be damned. You want your pills and are willing to step on the rights of others to get them.

Pharmacists should have known that selling birth control pills and "morning-after" pills would be part of their job. If they weren't ready or willing to perform those duties, they should have looked for a different job.
Curtis R. Kooiman, Eden Prairie.

Curt, can I assume you used the same logic to fight the smoking ban? Don’t bother answering, I’m sure you didn’t.

This is one of the most laughable arguments of all. Does Cub Foods stock every brand available? Hell no.

Any, yes any, retailer can determine for themselves which products they will and will not stock. Consumer demand usually drives the decisions, but occasionally other factors come into play.

If a pharmacist at one of the major chains refuses to fill birth control prescriptions, management has the right to deal with them in accordance to company policy. If you, as a customer, do not like that policy take your money elsewhere.

I’ve grown very weary of the selfishness rampant in the Left wing of this country. It is they who wish to force the rest of society to conform to their vision of what is right and, when they encounter resistance, waste no time branding the rebels as intolerant and narrow-minded.

My message to them is: “Go F*&# yourself.”

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