Sunday, May 08, 2005

People who do not understand political system are treated like geniuses by Star Tribune

On Friday, my favorite newspaper had at least two letters from readers trying to use the phrase 'No taxation without representation' in relation to the Hennepin County Board's vote of 4-3 in favor of a .15% tax to help fund a new Twins stadium. The fact that there were two trying to weave this phrase into their respective, equally ridiculous arguments may be pure coincidence, but I am always suspicious when it comes to the Strib. I still believe they write some of their own 'Letters from readers,' but I digress.

How can someone trying to make an argument that they are being 'taxed without representation' make that argument in the confines of a letter which describes a vote by a duly elected body of representatives, who just happened to vote opposite of the way the letter writer wanted? It is no stretch to imagine that the same writer would have lauded the wisdom of the board, and would have insisted that the system worked; representative government had made the will of constituents known by voting against the measure. Either that or the writer has no idea what representative government means.

That the Strib would print letters from such ignoramuses is telling. It is becoming clearer that the paper counts on the ingnorance of a majority of readers to the workings of government in order to make it appear that the system is being gamed by those in 'high places' at the expense of the 'little guy'. Typical class warfare.

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