Saturday, May 28, 2005

Signs, signs, everywhere the signs: A drive through the Twilight Zone update

In my continuing endeavor to keep KAR readers up to date about the ongoing 2002 and 2004 elections (they are not over; remember?), I have been keeping a photographic log of some campaign signs that occupy yards in the Prospect Park area of Minneapolis. I am still waiting to hear news that Prospect Park has seceded from the union. After all, it is fairly apparent that they do not recognize the current U.S. government. Take a look:

And of course, our favorite holdout:

This is nearly June, 2004 folks, which means the Wellstone sign has been up for three years! Here is what I am wondering now: What is the time threshold for leaving these signs up? Will the homeowner decide one day "Well, it's been seven years since the 2002 election, an election in which Wellstone was not even a candidate on election day. Maybe I should take the old sign down."
The longer they stay up, the more difficult it will be to take them down and admit defeat.

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