Friday, May 13, 2005

Star & Sickle Attempts to Scare the Crap Out of You and Me

My head is throbbing from banging it on the desk. I’m not going to speak to the entire
bucket of warm phlegm printed today’s by pointy-headed elitists at the S&S, but I must respond to their not-so-veiled threats.

What threat, you ask? Read the following exerpt:

If Minneapolis and St. Paul voters say yes to increasing the tax on local purchases, the two cities will come out better than whole -- $8 million ahead in Minneapolis, $5 million in St. Paul. But that's a big "if" that puts at risk something basic and precious -- public safety. Cities use state aid to pay for police and fire services. If city voters won't agree to a higher sales tax, the police and firefighter layoffs in the two central cities could run into the hundreds. [emphasis added]

Shut the hell up, would you. Is there some law that mandates police and fire services be paid using only state aid? If not, then let’s see what we can do to find the money elsewhere:

1. How about scrapping mandated diversity training for city employees. That ought to save more than a few thousand dollars each year.

2. Stop buying those stupid flags that hang from lampposts and stop paying union wages to hang them up with the changing seasons.

3. Let the grass grow a little longer in the park. Not only will it save money, but it will better cushion the little tykes when they fall.

4. Trim the office staff. There are always more people than actually needed.

5. Other ideas…

I can’t stand when these candy-asses run to the tried and true fund-it-or-people-will-die argument. It’s the same with the butt-wipes who inhabit public schools that threaten to cut bus service to one per day if they don’t get the additional tax money they want.

My hope is that their type will one day become so scared they will achieve physical petrification.

When that happens we can stick them in the long-grassed, non-flag adorned parks as statues and let the pigeons shit on them.

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