Thursday, May 26, 2005

Stuff I Don't Get

1) "La Cucaracha" is probably the worst comic strip in the history of the universe. My questions: is the point of this putridity to explode stereotypes about Latinos or revel in them? And how is it possible to do either for so long without ever once being funny?

2) American Idol. I'm sorry, I just don't get it. Is the world really clamoring for another Celine Dion? Really, someone explain this to me. Do we really need another R Kelly or Shania Twain more than we need another Beatles or Led Zeppelin?

Seriously: take a look at the music scene today. Are we really hurting for crappy overproduced fake R&B disposable pop?

"But Foot," you say, "It is an extremely rare talent to be able to sing like that. You should be impressed by those singers" blah blah blah. I can hit a golf ball 300 yards off the tee. You should be impressed by that. But you're not.

3) How in God's name did this letter slip by the Strib's letters editor?

Several times in the May 25 Star Tribune editorial on the filibuster you refer to those with whom you disagree as "radicals" and "fundamentalists."

Question: In your paper's view is there any such thing as a left-wing radical? Any secular fundamentalists?

Sen. Ted Kennedy, perhaps? Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg? Ward Churchill? Massachusetts Supreme Court Justice Margaret Marshall? Noam Chomsky? The Democrats who, for the first time in the history of the Senate, filibustered judicial nominees who enjoyed majority support?

Or are they all "progressive"?

Michael J. Nelson, Minneapolis.

Follow up question: If I spend 10 years of my career ripping on B movies with a couple of puppets, will the Strib publish a letter from me?

4) A lowlife, no-life commenter recently remarked that Dementee is a "bigger asshole than Mitch Berg."

My first question is to Dementee: how did that guy taste?

My second is for everyone: how can anybody be a bigger asshole than Mitch Berg?

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