Monday, May 23, 2005

Tom Harkin Wants Government to Raise Your Kids

The second paragraph of this story is all you need to know about Tom Harkin, Commie Senator of Iowa.

Let me translate:

We can’t ask the parents of this country to tell their children “no” when a cartoon asks them to buy junk food. Can you imagine the chilling affect it would have on the development of the children, our most important natural resource, and the parent-child relationship if that child were made to cry because they didn’t get what they wanted? The answer is for government to protect the sanctity of the family; to keep parents from having to say no and children from being denied their demands. Peace, harmony and the friendship between parents and children are our top priorities.

In order to achieve this, I propose we bring the heavy boot of government down on the neck of any company that markets and sells products or services that are attractive to children. If the kids don’t know the products exist, parents won’t be put in the position of having to choose between their children’s happiness and acting like, well, a parent.

I can’t believe he could be so stupid as to show his true colors in so clear a way: "Shrek says yes, Mom says no," the Iowa Democrat said in an interview. "Dad says fruit, Shrek says candy. ... I want to know about Shrek. Does Shrek want you to eat [junk food]? Because he is going to be a bad guy if he doesn't shape up."

“Shrek say yes, Mom says no”, “Dad says fruit, Shrek says Candy”? Who do you suppose would win that argument in the Dementee house?

I guaran-damn-tee you wouldn’t be the animated ogre.

In Tom’s world cartoon characters may hold some decision making power, Barbara Boxer springs immediately to mind, but most parents live in the real world and teach their kids the difference between fantasy (Democratic policy) and reality.

We also have the backbone to stand up to the demands of our kids without government coming to our rescue.

Why don’t you spend some time on the real issues of the day and leave the American industry and the American family alone.

I don’t need your help, Tom.

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