Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Why does this Guy Matter?

He’s the president of a, mostly, shitty little country that exports more illegal aliens than tequila. Yet, people take this fool seriously. Who the hell is he to lecture the United States of America about how to deal with illegal immigration? And how dare he talk about what jobs people do and don’t want. He’s is the overseer of an economy filled with jobs few – in any – people want.

Near as I can tell, the only people trying to get into Mexico are tourists looking to spend money. Any smart Mexican is busting their ass to escape the hellhole. And the moron tries to influence how this country deals with the ones lucky enough to escape Fox’s ‘paradise.”

I wish someone in the Administration would put him in his place thusly, “Hey, Fox, if you would spend more time worrying about creating a decent country in which people actually wanted to live, you wouldn’t have to worry about lecturing the USofA on how to treat your citizens that flow into the this country illegally. And another thing, until you disband your famous kangaroo courts I suggest you shut yap about requiring proof legal status to obtain a drivers license. How would your cops treat an American that entered Mexico illegally? Somehow I don’t think a fiesta would be part of the plan. So, I suggest you simply keep your mouth shut and stay south of the border until you have a real country and a real issue to talk about.”

I want to be a diplomat when I grow up.

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