Thursday, May 05, 2005

Won't Somebody Stop these Jackasses

If I were Howard Dean, I would hate the Star and Sickle editorial board, but because I’m not much of a hater, I will simply continue to deplore inconsistency of the crap they continue to spew from the pages of their newspaper.

What bugs the hell out of me is their call for an independent body to police Major League Baseball, while at the same time denouncing anybody who calls into question the independence of Paul Volker’s Oil-for-Food investigation.

I still don’t understand how any investigation can be considered thorough when committee is given no subpoena power and many of the documents have been destroyed.

I’m praying that the documents show Kofi to be a first-class extortionist, con artist and fondler of small children. I pray for this for two reasons. First, I want to see the S&S and every other mindless Lefty who’s been kissing this jerk’s ass twist themselves into an intellectual pretzel trying to defend him. Second, I want to see his ass on the chopping block.

This backward-ass organization that puts Libya in charge of the Human Rights Commission is the ultimate example of moral relativism and deserves to be shut down.

As for the S&S, riding the wave of their 0.33% increase in Mon-Sat. subscriptions, I’m confident that when the next 6 month survey comes out and they’ve added another 10-15 subscribers management will finally realize that the circulation problem is shitty advertising, not shitty editorials.

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