Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I can't stand anonymous posting.

All anonymous posters should be lined up and shot.

Many people ask me, "Why do you hate it when people post anonymously, when you do it yourself?"

My answer; "For starters, you don't know that my name is NOT Alfredo Garcia. Secondly, I am a blogger of no consequence, whereas there are anonymous bloggers out
there that DO aspire to making a difference. These people should be ashamed of posting anonymously.

Don't press me on this. I'm not someone who's going to be, say, digging into the public lives of our elected officials.

Everyone knows that excellence in journalism is direct function of credibility, and that requires accountability. This is an absolute.

(Anyone knows that there are exceptions:

Some of the authors of the "Federalist papers" were anonymous; of course, their efforts led us down the road to excessive federal control - but I digress.

Samizdat writers in the USSR were also anonymous - they needed to be.

However, those were exceptions.

Other examples?

Let me be blunt; they don't matter.

End the practice of trying to be an anonymous journalist, I say).

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