Tuesday, June 07, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: The Left Wing Fraud Machine's Reach Extends to Marquette University

Marquette officials announced the top two vote-getters in their nickname poll, today. At first blush it appeared that the students, alumni and faculty participating in the poll possess the same milquetoast-fear-of-any-possible-controversy taste in nicknames as the Marquette Board of Supine PC Appeasement Trustees. The top two nicknames are:

The Hilltoppers and...

The Golden Eagles???

Wait a minute wait a minute waitaminute WAITAMINUTE!

Didn't this whole kerfuffle begin because "Golden Eagles" was a vastly unpopular name?

[Here, LearnedFoot metaphorically slaps everyone who voted for "Golden Eagles" in the back of the head.]

Something smells here. Marquette's in Milwaukee after all. What typically happens when there's a vote in Milwaukee?


School officials said a total of 31,501 voters participated in the first round of voting, and cast a total of 48,688 votes.

17,000 more votes than voters.

Yep. Voting in Milwaukee.


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