Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Howard Dean strikes again

I swear it just keeps getting better and better. Howard Dean simply can’t keep his mouth closed and it’s giving the Republican Party a financial and PR windfall.

While there a few reports of his latest verbal sewage, Brent Bozell provides a nice summary of the Howard The Duck Dean coverage in the MSM at

Bottom line: There aint much.

As for Dean, you know the Dummycrats have hit rock bottom when John Edwards is quoted as saying that Dean does not speak for the Democratic Party.

Excuse me, John. Are you telling me that the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee does not speak for the Democratic National Committee?

And you have the nerve to call W “stupid.”

What’s stupid is thinking Howard The Duck could continue to raise funds as Chair at the same level he did as a candidate.

Stupid aint the right word. How about F-ing Nuts.

Let’s put a guy in power who gathered most of his money from the radical fringe of the party. He raised lots of the green, but they forget that he did it when there were 8 people running for the nomination.

They fail to realize that with 8 people in the race, the party is fragmented into many groups of freaks all pushing for their own freaky agenda. With that many fragments it’s easy to lead in fundraising because all Dean needed are two legit candidates (JFingK and John Boy in this case) to split the sane donors and the rabble fell to him.

Howard The Duck is incapable of transferring the success he had during the nominating process to the Party level. His message didn’t play with the big guns then and it sure as hell is not going to play now.

Again, the Left shows they are clueless when it comes to cause and reaction. They believe everything happens in a vacuum: If Howard did that great as a candidate, imagine what he can do for the party as a whole.

Oops. We forgot his followers are Hippie wannabes that inhabit the far left of the party.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Die Party Die.

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