Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hunt him down and lock him up

I don’t know whether to praise or condemn the Pioneer Press for printing the following letter, but do know that Jim Brown of St. Paul is a danger to or way of life (pay special attention to the second paragraph of this brilliant submission to the public discourse):

Kathleen Parker's May 18 column on SUVs contained a lot of fluff. I agree with Parker that we shouldn't demonize all SUV drivers, but let's not pretend that a few luxury hybrid SUVs are a solution to our energy problems, either. Instead of encouraging people to buy more vehicles we need to find ways to get people out of their vehicles (be they cars, minivans, trucks or SUVs). We need courageous leaders willing to take bold steps (utilizing the carrot and the stick) to change our wasteful car-based culture.

I would like to propose the following three ideas: ban television advertising for motor vehicles (like cigarettes and booze); allow people to donate their vehicles in exchange for a lifetime pass on all metro-area mass transit (as long as they remain "car-free"); and impose a 500-gallon-per-year limit on all drivers.

Other ideas are out there. The Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas is now predicting that global production will peak as early as 2006. Are we going to face the problem head on or be caught with our pants down?

St. Paul

Whoever said, “Everyone has the right to their opinion” never met Jim Brown of St. Paul.

Not only does he not have the right to his own opinion, Jim doesn’t have the right to call himself an American.

Yes, you wacko lefties, I’m calling this guy anti-American.

Based on the tripe he wrote, I can only conclude that he is a hater of freedom and would be better off living under a Stalinesque dictatorship that controls every aspect of his life.

Who else, other than a freedom hater, would posit such asinine ideas: Banning advertising, free transit if you give up your car, 500 gallons of gas per year? He’s a raving lunatic whose ideas are ridiculous on their face and dangerous at the core.

This guy doesn’t give a damn about our “wasteful car-based culture”, he wants only to force his way of life on all of society. He writes about the “carrot and stick” approach, when what he really wants is to beat us over the head with the lead pipe of government until society accepts his warped view of the world.

Go to hell, Jim. While the rest of us will continue contributing to society, you can live your sad miserable life without electricity, natural gas or the internal combustion engine.

Better yet, I hear Fidel is looking for a new Comrade of Energy. Perhaps you can hook up with the last best hope for Communism in the world.


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