Sunday, June 19, 2005

In Defeat We Are Still Kind, Bud

Colorado has won the Great Quarter Kerfuffle of 2005. Consistent with KAR's reputation as even-tempered and gracious folk, we salute our betters in Colorful Colorado.

As a gesture of goodwill toward our conquerors, Bill and I have decided to present Coloradans with a gift.

I suspect that the voters in the poll based their choices more on a sense of regional pride than on the superiority of the design. Let's face it: a picture of a mountain hardly distinguishes Colorado from other places that have similar looking landscapes: Montana, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, California, substantial portions of Canada, Chile and Peru. Colorado needs a quarter design that accentuates a characteristic peculiar to its population. A generic mountain and a misleading slogan (I've flown over Colorado several times and I can only describe it as "brown and white") does not do the good people of that state justice.

The KAR art department, ably led by V-Toed Bill has come up with a new design to celebrate Colorado based on a compelling characteristic of her people that came to light this week:

Again, KAR congratulates the good people of Colorado on their victory. Have some Doritos on us!

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