Thursday, June 23, 2005

KAR Sells Out

Our latest attempt to generate revenue failed miserably. KAR marketing research showed that people are somewhat hesitant to pay gobs of money for things they were already getting for free. Therefore, we are altering our strategy: we will try to sell "stuff".

The KAR Gear store is now open! Click here or use the link on the sidebar.

We have several design lines in the works. Our first line release is our "Nickname of Shame-wear". Shamewear was designed for both the Marquette alum - to expess his / her dismay at the the ineptidude of Marquette's administration - and also for the condescending domer who wish to rub salt into the wounds of ashamed Marquette fans. Get yours today!

Coming soon: our Anti-moron line.

NOTE: If you are niether a Marquette basketball fan nor a domer, but you are a hot and sexy lady, we've got a product for you as well!

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