Thursday, June 09, 2005

LearnedFoot Gets a Life

How do you know that you don't have a life?

- You spend all your waking moments posting to a discussion board sponsored by a radio talk show host that pulls down a 1.5 share in her strongest markets.

- You spend all your waking moments posting moronic, insulting comments on other people's blogs, thinking that you're clever or something.

- You Tivo Entertainment Tonight so you can watch it again, just in case you miss something.

- 45% of your vocabulary consists of the word "wingnut".

- You actually noticed that there were no NHL games played last year (unless you own a bar on West 7th Street in St. Paul).

- You cried bloody murder for smoking bans in restaurants and bars even though you rarely, if ever, patronize them.

- You obsessively cut and paste comment threads from Shot in the Dark into your own blog.

- You have two children under 4 years-old.

Guess which one I am?

Yes, for one brief shining moment ("moment" defined herein as "five days") I and the lovely Mrs. Foot will have "a life" - escaping the surly bonds of Minnesota and custodial parenthood to frolic in the sunny climes of the Caribbean area of the Atlantic Ocean, east of Florida, north of Cuba and the Caribbean, and west of the British dependency of the Turks and Caicos Islands. (Thanks to Alert Reader Denbo for the geography lesson!) For five glorious days, I will take in all that the Bahamas have to offer: the beach, the casino and the swim up bar. Mrs. Foot and I will enrich ourselves by visiting all the important sites on the islands: the beach, the casino and the swim up bar.

We will also be spending 4 glorious hours laying over in Atlanta's airport. Living in a Northwest Airlines hub city has its advantages!

Since the beach, the casino, the swim up bar and other adult activities that can be indulged in when the kids aren't around will consume all of my time, there'll be no blogging from me 'til next week. Dementee and V-Toed Bill (Bill's nickname: "The Atomizer of KAR") will pick up the slack.

Added bonus for me: This week marks the beginning of hurricane season! Everything's going my way!

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