Thursday, June 23, 2005

Moron Dick Mail

Who's more foolish - the fool or the fool who follows him? - OW Kenobi

Another "person" that "thinks" the air-free side of the pond is more attractive:

Most of the letters attacking Sen. Dick Durbin's comments regarding the torture of prisoners seem to have a "yes, but look what they're doing to us" theme. Consequently, their writers miss the point.

That's an awfully presumptuous use of the word "torture" there, pal. At best, it's arguable whether or not the treatment Dick describes was "unduly harsh," let alone torture. Here's a question to ask yourself, moonbat: Is it possible that maybe - just maybe - the prisoner in question did something to merit a punishment? And if not, why weren't all the prisoners there bound hand and feet in the fetal position? (*whoa* Thinking about stuff is cool). They have solitary confinement in American prisons. Is that "torture"? Second, as to the "look for what they're doing to us" argument you assail: you're right. Our forces should have just shot them on the battlefield while they were still pointing guns at our boys.

I doubt that any one of those writers is unaware of the adage "Two wrongs don't make a right." America is better than that; at least it used to be.

Again, if you are operating under the assumption that cranking up the A/C in Cuba is "torture," then I guess America isn't better than that. Though I'll bet that in your eyes, America isn't better than much.

The idea that anything goes during wartime, or that the ends justify means, flies in the face of the Geneva Conventions, embraced by all civilized nations -- including ours.

The Geneva Conventions do not apply. Haven't you been paying attention? But it makes no difference, since what you believe constitutes "torture" is really no worse than an extended visit to the in-laws.

Daniel R. Krueger, Minneapolis.

Hey that's a German name. Weren't there Nazis in Germany?...

Sorry about the Nazi remark. It's wrong to assign an inapt label to something based on an overbroad analogy. Isn't it?

(Think about that last line a little more until you get it...)

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