Friday, June 17, 2005

Quarter Wars: One Mystery Solved

This should prove to be the "October Surprise" of the Great Quarter Election of 2005.

Many of us clear-headed sentient folks have expressed confusion as to the design of Colorado's quarter. The silver on silver coin sports the motto "Colorful Colorado" beneath a picture of (what is likely) a grey and white mountain. Are they color blind?

No. They're stoned:

Both college towns, Boston and Boulder, Colo., share another distinction: They lead the nation in marijuana use.

This revelation should prove to be the knock-out punch. What would the public prefer: a lovely bucholic scene feauring a popular form of recreation or a dingy, monochrome hill that is purported to be "colorful" by a bunch of baked Spicolis?

Go vote against those poseur Rastafarians again.

Heh. Maybe we should start calling them the Rasta Mountain Alliance.

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