Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Research Scientists Lie

33% of scientists lie in their research! I wonder how may of these frauds were studying secondhand smoke, global warming and obesity.

I got a kick in the ass out of this wonderful piece of crappy reporting by Maura Lerner of the Star & Sickle.

She soft sells that fact that 1/3, 33 out of 100, 3.3 out of 10, 3,333.3 out of every 10,000 researchers are LIARS, LIARS PANTS ON FIRE(S).

Get a load of this wonderfully crafted paragraph:

While falsifying research is uncommon, the survey found that 33 percent of scientists admitted breaking rules, large and small, that are supposed to ensure the honesty of their work, the authors report in the British journal Nature.

Breaking rules that are to ensure the honesty of their work is not the same as falsifying research.

I didn’t do so good in logic class, but let me lay this one on you: If breaking rules make the results dishonest, then the results are not true. If the results are not true, then they must be false. Ergo, the research has been falsified Maura.

Here’s a question Maura didn’t ask, “How many millions of dollars did the American tax payer put up for this garbage and how many more millions or billions have been spent by government on programs designed to fix problems that exist only in the fiction these bozos released?”

More from Maura’s “hard hitting piece”:

· 15 percent said they had changed the design, methods or results of a study in response to pressure from a financial sponsor.
· Fewer than 1 percent admitted to "falsifying or cooking research data."
· 1.4 percent, said they had potentially improper relationships with students or subjects. (I guess that means they were getting some)
· 12.5 percent -- said they had overlooked others scientists' use of flawed data or questionable interpretations.
· 7 percent admitted ignoring "minor" rules for protecting human subjects.
· 6 percent said that they failed to report data that contradicted their previous work.

How can any of this, individually or in aggregate, not constitute falsifying research?

Screw the steroid hearings. If congress doesn’t subpoena every last researcher in this country every member should be thrown out for dereliction of duty.

Perpetrator as Victim alert

Read at your own risk, you’re about to find out why the lying bastards can’t be culpable for, well, lying:

[Brian Martinson of the HealthPartners Research Foundation in Bloomington] said Scientists are "one of the hardest-working groups of people that I know." But he said there may be something about their working environment -- the mountains of rules, the pressure to compete for grants and produce results -- that ends up compromising their ethics.

Brian conveniently forgot about the pressure to force your political agenda on others. With his logic, Ken Lay is a victim of the pressure to keep shareholders happy with high stock prices.

"There's been this kind of idea that scientists... are super-humans or something, that they're immune from these kinds of pressure," he said. "But scientists are human."

See, they’re human and as humans they are just as likely to lie as anybody else.

Eat me, Brian. These frauds have swindled the American tax payer out of untold millions because they are self-absorbed asses who care only about their own success. Don’t give me this BS about not being “immune from these kinds of pressures.”

We all face pressure, jerk face, and I’m here to tell you most of us come through it without cheating or scamming.

As for the super-human spin: Give me a freaking break, loser. I suppose you’re among those all too fallible scientists who is seen by the great unwashed as “super-human.”

Don’t get your thumb stuck while covering your comrades’ asses, you self-important pompous ass.

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